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A Group Leisure cover

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Full page


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Special Options:

Gatefolds, stick on’s, belly bands and barn door covers available. Please apply for information and rates.

All rates above are for 4-colour space and subject to VAT.

• Advert position guaranteed facing matter 25% extra
• Other special position 25% extra
• Guaranteed solus advert position 50% extra

E-magazine Edition extras

School Travel Organiser is available online in e-magazine format and advertisers can add the following:

Add a video


Add a soundtrack*


Page Zero**


per issue

All rates subject to VAT at current rate. *Subject to copyright approval.


2 pages (single sheet)


4 pages


6 pages


8 pages


12 pages


(Maximum A4) Rates based on paper weight of 90gsm or less. Bound inserts 25% extra. All rates subject to VAT and availability.

Website / online

The School Travel Organiser website attracts thousands of visits every month through direct traffic, search engines, e-magazine and the School’s Out e-newsletter.

*News & Ideas, Features, Subjects, Key Stage, Type of Trip, Opinion

** MPU B position not available on Opinion section.

Page specific positions available upon request. Contact the School Travel Organiser sales team for more info.

All spaces can allocate up to three adverts, which will rotate evenly based on page impressions. A 50 per cent surcharge can be applied if you wish to have exclusive use of an ad spot. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the current rate.

Website Sponsored Features

A different way to get your message across to organisers of school trips and educational visits of all types.


What do you get?
• An editorial feature of up to 600 words, including a photo
• Links to the website pages of your choice
• Your contact details included
• A Top Banner and Side Ad Spot #1 adverts alongside the article
• Your article is searchable online with us for at least a year
• SEO best practice from our editorial team
Inclusion in the STO ‘School’s Out’ e-newsletter

Email Broadcasting

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2 mailings


3 mailings


4 mailings


School’s Out E-mail Newsletter

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For one calendar month

Note: The newsletter is mobile enabled, so artwork will also be needed for smaller screens.

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