School Travel Organiser Email Broadcasting Service

LEGOLAND e-broadcast
Warner Leisure e-broadcast
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LEGOLAND e-broadcast
Warner Leisure e-broadcast
Longleat e-broadcast

What is it? A service which enables you to send your sales message to thousands of teachers and school travel organisers.

Who does it go to? Over the years, we have compiled a quality database of e-mail addresses including school trip organisers, teachers and educational visit coordinators.

How many e-mail addresses are there? The current database consists of approximately 3,200 addresses and we only send to people who have opted-in or given us permission.

How does it work? You send us the e-mail to our specification and we send it to the database after sending you a proof. If you require any creative work from us, this is available at an additional charge.

Why would you use this service?

It’s a very cost effective way of sending a targeted message to the STO audience and can be completely tailored, including links to specific areas of your website. It’s also co-branded so recipients know it is sent by us on your behalf. Whether you are launching a new brochure, sales drive or product, this is a great way of broadcasting the message.

You can also use our group travel e-mail service, targeting over 1,000 buyers and organisers. Discounts apply for using both services, contact us for details.


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Or call us on
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